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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

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Responsibility for the first

"Responsibility" is the Austrian Yu machinery enterprise spirit, but also Aoyu mechanical line, is the premise of all values. The spirit of responsibility for the first value, Aoyu machinery has been the industry, to maximize customer value, for staff development for the unremitting efforts.

Create value

Creating value for customers is the responsibility of the Austrian machinery. Aoyu machinery the pursuit of win-win in development; adhere to help customers succeed, only our customers successful, Aoyu to succeed. The staff of professional knowledge, wisdom and the accumulation of Aoyu management knowledge system is a company's greatest wealth. Aoyu machinery provide a good platform for development has been for the staff, only the employee performance by customers and recognized by the society, Aoyu to succeed.

A positive mental attitude

A positive mental attitude is the sustainable development of the "EQ", with a positive attitude, can feel the value of hard work. Aoyu together with a number of high-quality, high standard, has the personality charm of the Austrian people, they maintain a positive and open attitude, through continuous learning and experience accumulation, creating more value for customers.

Pay attention to the accumulation of

Pay attention to the accumulation of a powerful guarantee for the sustainable development. Only customers continue to accumulate, talent, knowledge, experience, information, reputation, and perfect management and sharing mechanism, Aoyu to accumulate steadily, small become great.

Professional spirit

Professional spirit is with higher standards to require their own level of business. Spirit is a kind of pursuit of sustainable development, matched only with professional spirit can and Aoyu. The pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, to become the industry experts, is that every Aoyu goal.

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